Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Seed-starting shelves

Materials: OMAR shelving unit (I used 36 1/4" high, but you could use the taller one), 2 standard "shop fixtures" (48" long), 4 40-watt T-12 fluorescent light bulbs, 1 timer for the lights, 4 small metal S-hooks (or substitute), 1 two-plugs-to-one converter, 1 extension cord, several large pieces of cardboard (can be from OMAR box), 2 25-foot boxes aluminum foil, clear tape, masking tape, heavy plastic carpet protector (from an office supply store)

Description: I wanted to start seeds in my apartment for transplanting into my garden but I don't have an extra closet to dedicate to seed starting. I purchased the 36 1/4-inch (92 cm) high OMAR shelving unit and set it up against a wall in my bedroom. Why the OMAR? Because the shelves are wire, the height of the light fixtures can easily be adjusted as they are hooked onto the OMAR with S-hooks. Ideally, the grow lights are an inch or two away from the seedlings. I can unhook the chain, place the hook in another link, and rehang the light. I also like the OMAR's nonflammable metal construction, and its ventilation.

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