Saturday, December 26, 2009

Great expectations

059I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! It feels like ages since I’ve done a post! I haven’t even been on the computer once since my sicky post Wednesday night. (Thank you all so much by the way!!) It was kind of nice to not be online. But I’m soooo ready to get back!

If you are anything like me, you have grand expectations for certain holidays. My biggie used to be New Years Eve. When I was younger I had these images in my head of attending or throwing fabulous, swank parties. Hubs and I would clink our beautiful champagne glasses as midnight came, and share a perfect kiss as music played, everyone cheered and confetti rained down around us.

(Record scratches…)

Well, there were many years we didn’t do anything. Or we’d go out to dinner or just go hang with friends. There have been many, many fantastic parties. But the champagne is usually served in a plastic cups. ;) And in recent years, we’ll just get together with friends and (SHOCK!) head home before midnight!

And you know what? Now, as long as I’m with my husband, I love whatever we do. As I’ve grown up I’ve learned that’s what’s most important. Good friends and my family. If hubs and I just sat on the sofa next to each other and clinked Pepsi cans, I would be happy.

Well, before this year, nothing had come in the way of my expectations for Christmas Eve. Since the Bub has been born, (and before!) it’s always low key. It usually involves snacking, lounging, making some great food, finishing up wrapping and generally just spending time at home.

This year, I got a lesson in rolling with what comes, even during the holidays. You all know what we’ve dealt with in the past month. I guess that’s why -- more than ever -- I wanted, I expected, our regular routine for the night before Christmas.

Well, it wasn’t that. I will spare you details, but it involved shopping for last minute gifts, getting over sickness, cleaning the house, grocery shopping and other activities. Although we did spend some lovely time with my parents that night, the whole day just didn’t feel like Christmas. It ended with us getting in the door at 9:30 p.m., popping some cookies in the oven for Santa, and after the Bub was down for the night, wrapping gifts till about 1 a.m. (Did I mention we hadn’t wrapped ONE gift?)

Every. single. year. I plan to spend a few evenings in our living room, in front of the tree, just reflecting. Every single year, I lose track of time and don’t get to it. But that night, at 1:30 a.m., I was determined. I turned off all the lights except the tree and just stopped. And breathed. And thought. I was overwhelmed with our month and what we had been dealt.

I took the camera and shot some pictures of the tree with all of the gifts underneath, and then as I looked at the shots I came across pictures from our Fiesta earlier this week. And I cried. I did.

We are SO LUCKY.

For great friends who helped prepare and cook food for hours with my father-in-law:

001 012

014 015


For a chance to watch my father-in-law in action:

005 006

010 023


FANTASTIC food and drink:

004003013 021035 040 041 043 024

And amazing family and friends, who throughout this month said, “Let me know what I can do.” And really, really meant it.


That group is TROUBLE right there. ;)

Only hubby’s closest friends and family attended this fiesta. We wanted to keep it small and “old school” – for those his father has cooked for over the past 20 years or so. It was their chance to get together and thank his Dad.

Sitting in front of our tree Christmas Eve, I was overwhelmed by the friendship and love we have felt from everyone we know over this past month, and always. (Including YOU!) We are so fortunate to be surrounded by these lovely people. So THANK YOU, from us:


I love to see my Hubby smile. :)

I do have to say…I am looking forward to the New Year. Whew.

I hope your holidays were all you expected and more!!


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