Sunday, December 27, 2009

Packing up Christmas


My second favorite time of the year is fast approaching Squeezies!! I’m so excited cause I get to harass you again soon about THROWING OUT YOUR CRAP!!

Hooty hoo!! If you just found this blog over the past few months, you probably don’t know my issues love of organizing and decluttering. I give myself a pass during the holidays. I have to admit, I’m starting to twitch ever so slightly over the past few days though.

I want all the Christmas decor packed up in bins, pronto. Usually I’m fine to wait till around January 1st, but I’m really feeling the need to start fresh sooner than later this year. The hubs wants me to wait for a few more days, but I showed him my hives and started hyperventilating just a little and he left me alone.

It will take about a week to get it all packed up, but with my “method,” putting it away takes way less time then getting it out. I decided to work on the dining room first since there wasn’t too much to take down.

I start by vacuuming out each bin as I pull them out, because I am a special kind of crazy and it makes me feel better. (It’s not crazy if I’m aware of my issues, right?) Then I pack everything away by room. Every bin is labeled with my BFF – the DYMO. Hello lovah…


You know all that stuff I put in my garland – ribbon, pics, crap, beady things? Well it all stays. I just take it all down and store it away as is. I’m going to refluff next year anyway, no need to waste my time taking it off. I even keep the cord covers and extension cords attached. Then I use zip lock bags and plastic bags for all the filler stuff:

014 017

I had the dining room packed up in about 30 minutes. Ahhhhh yes. I can breathe!


I even put the place settings away for now. I just need a clean slate for a bit. This is the first time the centerpiece has been completely empty since I made it back in September.028

I’m already thinking up fun ideas for Valentine’s Day and spring though! ;)

So when do you start packing up the Christmas decor? I have had it up for more than five weeks, so I'm really ready to have everything back to normal earlier than usual. I have a feeling this is more of an emotional thing this year than anything. I need FRESH and simple right now. ;)

I have some GREAT bloggy events for the new year to tell you about soon. I won’t be doing another Decluttering and Organizing Party this year, but you can click to last year’s party to get some inspiration. Don’t worry, I’m still going to annoy the crap out of you to get. rid. of. your. stuff. (you don’t use).

P.S. If you are going to try the ornament wreath next year, look what happens if you don’t follow my warnings and then drop your wreath:


HALF of the ornaments popped off. Gah. I almost cried. May have cursed. Maybe. Thank God for shatterproof. ;)


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