Thursday, December 3, 2009

The kitchen trees


Ain’t he caaaute?! For years I’ve wanted a fun little Christmas tree for the kitchen, and a couple years ago I found an itty bitty tree that I fell in LOVE with. I got it for about $12, which is more than I would normally pay, but it is so real looking, I couldn’t resist:


I found itty bitty ornaments for the itty bitty tree, and this year I painted the plain pot red to make it a bit more festive. Cute, eh?

Well, last year I found the deal of the century (echo, echo) at Michael’s after Christmas. I could swear I blogged about it, but I can’t find it. I believe the tree was regularly about $80 (I think!) and because it was the last one and it was on display, I talked to the manager and got it for $15 (I think!). I can’t remember specifics but it was a STEAL. (Don’t be afraid to ask about items on the “floor” – you can usually talk them down on those.)

I skipped out of the store with glee, and I could cause the manager even carried it out and put it in my car for me. ;) This started a whole new Christmas look for our kitchen. I was obsessed with these little glass birdy ornaments last year at Target:


And the morning after Christmas (I don’t do black Friday – I do the day after sales) I knocked some women out of the way grabbed some more of these cuties for $1.50 two. From there I went with a whole red and white scheme:

 136 138

I bought ALL of these ornaments for at least half off after Christmas – I added them all up and I think they came to about $15 for all of ‘em. Even the ribbon was half price. (Score!)

140 Instead of hanging the birds as they came (two hung together), I cut the ribbon and hung them separately to fill out the tree more.

I adore this tree – it’s all sparkly and fancy. And it sheds glitter like you would not believe. It’s made up of two different types of greenery as well, which I lurve:

 152 151

Can you believe I’ve never made a bow? Not ever? I have wanted one of those bow maker thingamabobs foreva and finally bought one last week (only $6 with a coupon at Hob Lob!). I made a little bow with what ribbon I had left for the topper. The skirt came from the Dollar Store:

154 143

(The base came with the tree, which makes it even more of a steal.)

It fits just perfect in this spot. I adore my red and white sparkly tree!


The whole kitchen is decked out in red and white this year – I’ll show you soon!

I can’t wait to show you what I worked on today!! Ohhhh I love it so much I could just die! Drama, I know, but it really is loverly (at least I think so). I'll show you tomorrow. I’ll give you a hint and tell you I’ve discovered just about the only thing our Dyson doesn’t suck right up is fresh, white pine needles. ;)


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