Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Andy's Fifteen Minutes

As far back as I can remember, I've always wanted to live in New York. I was trying to figure out why recently and I am starting to think it might have had something to do with Andy Warhol. Andy was from Pittsburgh which was about an hour from where I grew up so he was often talked about in the media and his world sounded like so much fun to me. I always lamented the fact that I was born too late to have danced at Studio 54 and even more so that I would never be able to have my portrait done by Andy. (I liked to dream big even when I was little!) That's probably also part of the reason I always notice a Warhol when I see them in a magazine especially when someone is photographed under their own portrait! I supposed I could make do by buying someone else's portrait someday but it's just not the same so maybe I'll stick to the flowers! Enjoy!

Lucky Diane von Furstenberg has many Warhols of herself!

This one resides in her Paris apartment.

Carolina Herrera still looks exactly like her Warhol!

Princess Marie-Chantal and family stand in front of her two Warhols, which must have been done during her big hair days in the 80's!

Art collector Aby Rosen and his wife Samantha Boardman have bought up quite a few Warhol portraits!

Aby Rosen even keeps a few Warhols in his office.

A Marilyn hangs in Blair Voltz Clarke and Alister Clarke's home

Multiple Marilyns in Cordelia Castallone's old Paris apartment

In her new apartment, they have moved to her son's room.

Marilyn also hangs in a room designed by Todd Romano

While Elizabeth Taylor hangs in his apartment.

Judy Garland sits on his nightstand too!

Multiple Jackie in a foyer from House & Garden

Queen Elizabeth as seen in Living Etc.

Queen Elizabeth also hangs out in a child's room.

Hair guru Sally Hershberger gets to look at Mick Jagger everyday!

This Warhol portrait found a place in a home designed by Haynes Roberts.

Jed Johnson Associates hung two Warhols in their room at the Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse in 2007.

This one belongs to a former Paris Vogue editor.

Giancarlo Giammetti has two Lenins in his Paris apartment.

Two Maos in a home designed by architect Richard Perry.

There are a few more in the same home!

Interior designer Martha Angus hung a Mao and Flowers in the same bedroom.

Martha Angus also hung Andy's flowers in her room at the 2005 San Francisco Decorator's Showhouse.

Andy's flowers also hung in Cordelia Castallone's old apartment in Paris.

Rob Southern used them in one of his designs too.

Andy's flowers also hang in Mr. Valentino's London apartment along with a Damian Hirst.

And last but not least, Kayne West opted for Andy's soup cans in his dining room. Perfect place for them!


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