Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Faux faux good

OK, get ready. I may offend some of you with this statement, but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…


And greenery.


Sue me, but I don’t mind a little bit ‘o faux.

I don’t as much of it as I used to – but I still use a little bit throughout the house. And come fall --  fake flowers in warm luscious colors spit up all over the joint. :)

Lately, more than florals, I’m loving the herb/fern look I’ve seen all over lately. I am finding that they are such a great way to fill empty space inside of stuff. I found this little cutie at Michael's for $1.99:

I didn’t care for the clay pot it came in, and it wasn’t quite tall enough, so I just took some wood scraps, stacked them underneath the pot, then wrapped the whole thing with some fabric:

It looks lovely on our new Craigslist dresser. (So glad you all love it as much as I do!)

I recently took a thrift store find and filled it with some wild and crazy ferns that I adore:

Those look real, don’t you think?

Well, I was at Pottery Barn the other day returning a few little things, and imagine my glee when I saw warm and lovely fall decor all over the place!

What the what? Who said what? Hmmm??

I mentioned fall? ME? And you’re surprised? :)

Sorry, I am just stating a fact so that makes it totally OK to say the F.A.L.L. word, umkay?

They had a whole line of pots with herby/ferny goodness that I was lovin’. Of course I can’t find the exact items on their site, but they were a long these lines:

One was a HUGE topiary ball on top of a clay pot –- and I LOVED it. I did not love the price -- $40. Sheesh.

So I was a thinkin’ and I remembered a post I saw over at Melissa’s place from foreva ago – and off to Hobby Lobby I went!

I didn’t look up her post before I did this, but when I just went back to read it, I did mine almost exactly like she did hers. She’s brilliant. ;)

I grabbed two of these ferny-looking jobbies in the greenery aisle at Hob Lob:

They were half off, so $8 for both. AWWW yeah.

I had a humongo foam ball that I never used for another project, and a pot I use for various projects:

I did have a clay pot just like the Pottery Barn one, but I didn’t like it so plain. I saved myself a little painting time and just used this one.

There’s no need to even cut off the sprigs – just pull them off:

And just stick them into your ball spray painted blue (so you won’t see the glaring white) cause you were too lazy to find the green or black paint:


I mean come on. You can’t get easier than that. It’s too cute!:


It’s got some oompf, eh? ;):

The Pottery Barn version was ooompfy too, so that was the look I was going for. If you don’t want your topiary so poofy, you can cut each greenery piece in half (more on that in a sec).

It looks great from that side, but from the other side, it looks like this till I can get back to HL:


Kind of like business in the front, party in the back you could say? ;)

:) This one is half bald cause I did a smaller version first, to see if it was going to work. For the smaller version, I took each sprig and cut it in half:

I cut the top part so each one had enough of a “stem” to stick it into the foam.

Then I used a teeny tiny foam ball and just stuck them in here and there:

I plopped it on a little iron vase that was a thrift store find last year, then placed it under a cloche I got a few weeks ago while shopping Midland Arts and Antiques with my pal Beckie:


So so TOOT, as our son would say. :) For me, both projects were only $8 total, (well, $12 when I go back for one more bunch of greenery), but that’s because I had the foam – but if you use a coupon or watch sales, you could still do this for el cheapo.

And just about anything would serve as a container – anything looks cute patoot with a big fluffy topiary ball on top.

So are you a faux lover? Kinda? Just a little? A lot? If you’re not, please be kind to us faux-lovahs. :) I would love to have only real flowers throughout the house year-round, but alas, that is money I could be shopping Goodwill with.  ;)

** I am linking this one up to Marty’s Summer Cloche Party!


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