Friday, July 9, 2010

What a great idea!

I’m kicking off the weekend by joining up with my friend Beckie’s Great Idea Day Party! What a great idea for a linky party. Wink wink. Hardy har.

This project is super quick, super cheap, super easy. And of course, super cauuuute!

A few months ago, I fell. in. love. with a glass jar display in a kitchen magazine – it was simple, adorable, fun. You may remember my love of all things glass and container-like that I can put stuff in. (By the way, Stink Eye Sister still shakes her head at me. And I still tell her to shut. it.)

While on a trip to Walmart a few weeks ago (the place I love to hate and hate to love) I found more of the jars I use for our laundry detergent – and they had a HUGE one. Gleee!

So I grabbed the big one and a smaller one and skipped along with my new glass jars to put stuff in. The magazine picture that was my inspiration had flour, sugar and other various baking supplies in theirs, but I already have these cuties in our pantry for just that purpose.

So I was trying to think of what would be just as cute, that we use fairly often, and then it came to me:

I mean, you’ve seen what happens when I bake. I don’t do it often so the flour doesn’t need to be out and easily accessible. Cereal -- now that I do often.

Then I was thinkin’, and a brilliant idea hit to cutesy them up even more. I’m sure I’m not the first to think of it, but just humor me here. I thought I was pretty smart. If you’ve already done this, you’re even smarter.  :)

I took some black vinyl (I had to use very, very little) and my fun little $1.99 craft scissors:

And cut out “chalkboard” labels for the jars. The great thing about the vinyl is it has the lines along the back, so it’s easy to keep straight:

OK, mine aren’t totally straight, (Stink Eye, shut it), but you really can’t tell. Swear.

Then I took my Chalk Ink pen (thanks Beckie!):

(I LOVE THESE THINGS. So so so much easier to use than chalk!)

And labeled my glass jars to put cereal in because I have an obsession with labeling:

Shut. up. Is that not adorable? Frosted Flakes never looked so good peeps!

I was on the hunt for equally adorable “scoops,” and found a set of $4 measuring cups that work perfectly:

I’ve seen the jars at various places, but the cheapest is Walmart by far – the large jar was $10, the medium was $7 (I think?) and the smallest I found at Target, and it was around $7 as well:

glass cereal jars

It only took five tries each before I was happy with my handwriting – and Cheerios still looks like it’s spelled Chrerios. Ah well.

The best part -- the chalk wipes right off! So when I want to change up Chrerios for Apple Jacks (to add a little more apple green to the kitchen!), I can just change the label.

I have noticed that if you leave the Chalk Ink on there for a while, it may leave a little bit of a shadow – but a quick swipe with a Magic Eraser took it right off. (LOVE those things!)

All I gotta say is…poor, poor hubby:

cereal jars

:) Ah yes, yummy fiber cereal. The breakfast of champions.

Hope you have a great weekend!!

You can continue to link up your Before and After posts until this Tuesday!


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