Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fall inspiration: Link it up!


(source: Pottery Barn)

Ohhh, the time is almost here!!! Can you feel it? It was positively CRISPY tonight! (Crispy in a good, cool way. Not a burning hot, I feel like the sun is baking me way.)  :)

I know, I know…we have another four weeks. Well, reeeeeeally, 27 days if you want to get all technical about it. That’s like, three weeks and six days.

Stinky Eye Sister keeps harassing me because I want to pull out the fall decor next week – she rolls her stink eyes at me, reminding me that “fall doesn’t blah blah start blaaaaah until September are you still talking? 21st.”

WHATEV SISTER. Talk to the hand.

I keep asking her…do you call June 1st summer or spring?

(She totally calls it summer.)


Anyway, I’m on a mission this week – I told myself the basement decrapifcation (that I started eight months ago) must. be. done. before I pull out one piece of fall decor. Because once the holidays hit, a decorating BOMB goes off down there, and I’m determined to keep that from happening again. (Stop laughing, I can DO THIS.)

Needless to say, I’ve been down there all day. ;)

But guess what came today in the mail to keep me motivated? The latest Pottery Barn catalog, full of fall goodies! Swoooon!

I know PB isn’t the end all to decorating, but you gotta admit – they know how to style the heck out of a room. They are also wicked good at making warm and cozy ooooze off the page.

What I love about fall decorating is that it’s so natural – normally I’d scoff at hanging branches from a mirror, but for fall, it totally works. :)

I also love how something as simple as a few (real or faux) pumpkins and just a container full of branches is so striking:


Isn’t that huge pumpkin gorgeous? Did I just call a pumpkin gorgeous?

I love this mixture of pears, gourds and simple foliage:


Of course, it’s the colors of fall that make the decor so warm and loverly – they work SO well in our house. I think that’s part of the reason I love decorating for this time of year so much.

This picture is so AUTUMN I could just pass out from the gorgeousness:


It is now my mission to make a big, huge, honkin’ leaf wreath this year. I made a lovely little bitty one last year, and I need to do that times 50:

fall wreathYou can use just about an.y.thing. and fill it with fall fillers. There’s no candles in these hurricanes, just lots of random, fall-y, natural stuff:


I especially love how easy fall decorating is – pile some stuff in a tray, a candleholder, a bowl – and it looks fanfreakintastic:


I mean, really. It’s just a tray with pumpkins, gourds, beady stuff and little nuts for good measure.

That picture makes me want to go caress my bin of beady stuff and work on my dining table right. this. second:

My head is positively swimming. ;)

I won’t even mention the Halloween ideas in the Pottery Barn catalog – every year I get more and more into the spooky decor and I’m SO excited to work on some crafty goodies soon!

I’m throwing an impromptu fall decor linky party, so let’s share the fall mojo -- I’d love to see your  past decor or crafts, or current ones if you have already started! (You soooo rock.) Anyone wanna help with my basement??? Hmmm?

Link it up! I’ll leave this up till the 1st…when the bins come up from the basement, whoooooohoo! (I’m using the linky with pictures this time…let me know if you like it!)

P.S. My friend The Nester just did a post about fall decorating too. Inspired by Pottery Barn. I want to be her, that is why I did pretty much the exact same post she did. By accident. She rocks my world.  (Go here.)

P.P.S. My friend Melissa is having a Fall Nesting Party. Can I get a HOLLA for the fall love??? (She rocks my world too.)


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