Sunday, July 12, 2009

I can't resist a par-tay!

I wasn't going to post tonight, but I can't stand missing a good party, so here I am! The Nester is having a Price Your Space party, so I wanted to share how I completed our entire master bedroom for what I think is a pretty good price. Many of you have seen this room about 15 trillion times, so bare with me.

Our four poster bed is one of my favorite pieces of furniture in our house. As we built our house, I stalked it at Bombay Company for about six months. Then I stalked it a bit more for about a year after we moved in. I kept asking the staff if it was going to be discontinued any time soon, my heart all a-twitter with fear that my budget constraints would keep me from getting it:

All told I waited almost two years. Ughhhhhhh people. I should get an award for that kind of patience. Bombay used to send out 40 percent off coupons and finally, I got one at the right time. I got this beauty for $600! King-sized, four poster bed folks. For $600. Yummy.

The bedside lamps in that pic are gone now though. I spent $20 each on new lamps, spray painted them and stenciled the lampshades for some bling:

Our fireplace used to be peachy grodiness and we spent about $115 to redo all the tile. You can see the before here but the beautious result is this:

Don't worry, I swear the brass in on my list to paint. (I know I keep saying that.)Speaking of the fireplace, I shared how I made my wallpaper art here. This filled the large space over the fireplace for around $20 (I already had the wallpaper):

This armoire was one of my first pieces of "real life, post-college" furniture, and it was a gift from my Mom. It was completely countrified, but I spent $10 to redo it and now we really love it: The dresser is an antique that was my great-grandmother's. Sorry you can't see it well here, it's beautiful. I would have taken a new pic but our room is kind of a pit right now, so there. you. go. The mirror was a $10 garage sale find, the lamp was around $25 at Hob Lob:
The wall thingys were free from hosting a Southern Living party. The bedding was a STEAL on eBay. I waited till the end of the auction and scored it (the duvet, two shams and two pillows) for $25. YEP. They lowered the price at the end of the auction, to get it sold. The other pillows were about $50 total at HomeGoods.

I made the drapes myself with silk fabric. I used a coupon and even with a ton of yardage (to make them super long) they were waaaay less than $100. I don't remember how much they were, but I know I would never spend more than $60 on window treatment fabric:

Our side table was another after-graduation Target purchase, but I have no idea how much it was. We used to use it as an end table. The chair was a garage sale find for $15. I've never bought anything upholstered second hand, but this one I just fell in love with: My cutie fringy pillow was $7 on clearance at Sears. And my lamp was a thrift store find that I redid with spray paint and ribbon. It was $35, which is waaaay higher than I'll usually spend on a lamp, but I loved the shape of it:
(Sorry for the hodge podge of pics -- I'm taking them from a bunch of posts!)

I looked high and low for an affordable storage bench for the end of the bed, and finally just found these rattan chests on clearance for $55 each at Tar-jaaay:
Oh, and no bedskirt. Just a $10 fitted sheet. Thrifty is my middle name!!

The whole room adds up to a grand total of under $1200. It taken about five years to get it to this point. Not too bad to make our room the cozy, warm space that it is. OH! And paint -- so let's add on another $40. Please don't check my math skills, it's late. I'm not so good at that anyway.

To see more pics of the room, go here. And if you missed my last post, check out my table runner pillows! Lurve them!!


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