Saturday, July 11, 2009

Triple Threat Miles Fisher

Dark haired preppy boys are my kryptonite. But in the case of Miles Fisher, he's as easy on the ears as he is the eyes. Not content with acting alone, he's also releasing a album of melodious music. Did I also mention he's also Harvard educated? Why should all rock stars be grungy bad boys who look like they need a long hot shower. If more musicians went to Harvard like Miles Fisher and Chester French, maybe they wouldn't end up loosing all their money or appearing on cheesy reality shows on VH1. Note to Pharrell Williams, you better scoop up this pretty prepster before someone else beats you to it. He looks and sounds like the next big triple threat. Which is why I may have to talk to my friend Jessica's husband about putting him in his next movie. I also definitely see a Ralph Lauren modeling contract in his future. I'm off now to discuss my agent commission with Miles. The rest of you can thank me for the photos later!


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