Tuesday, July 21, 2009

When FAB happens by accident. (And for FREE.)

So I've never considered myself a dumpster-diver. I mean, I will dig through the Goodwill shelves with the best of them, but trash just ain't my thing. But a couple months ago on the way out of the neighborhood, I saw something sitting at the end of a neighbor's driveway with the trash.

I couldn't really tell what something was...I just saw it had GREAT legs. Long, curvy, sexy legs. I slowed..but my pride got the best of me. I mean, really. Was I going to pull over, grab that thing and stuff it in my car in broad daylight? In my own neighborhood?

No way.
I totally sent my sister instead.

Ah yes, she is ten years younger and used to doing my dirty work people. When she was three I was elated that we could make a game of "Go get sissy a snack!" and "Go pick up sissy's room!" It was fab. And still is. I begged her to go grab it. By now it was raining and I was panicking. She must get it NOW!

She did it and called me cursing because it was "soooooo heavy Sarah, seriously" and babbling on about "like 50 pounds" and "you totally owe me" -- blah blah blah. I was all, "Toughen up Sister!" and "It's good for you!" and, "Go get me a snack!"

Well, I felt bad later cause this sucker was HEAVY. Like, what the bleeping bleep is in this thing?, heavy. Upon some inspection, we realized it was a very old sewing cabinet:

She was in really, really bad shape. I had a vision though...

First, I put on my super cute accessories -- a mask (dollar store) and goggles:
Up till a few months ago, I never used either one when sanding, but now I try to use them all the time. I see the HGTV guys do it, so like always, I do as they do.

Next I took all the innards out of the table and she lost about 40 pounds like that. (Wouldn't that be nice?) Then I pulled out Mr. Cutie Patoot Sander. This little guy is cheap and will do just about any job in half the time as sandpaper:
After you finish sanding, you must wipe it down, like, fifty trillion times. I swear it takes longer than the sanding. I just use wet paper towels but tack cloths work great too:
Keep wiping till no more stuff comes off.

Because the top sanded down so easily, I had a wild hair to stain the top instead of painting it:
But I just wasn't feeling it. It was beautiful, but it wasn't my original vision. I did a little freak out that I had just wasted all that time, but I had another wild hair as I started painting over it:
I did one thin coat so you can see the red wood coming through. Um. People...I LOVE it. Ack!

I was so excited to get to the next step -- my inspiration for this was a beautiful little side table that was one of my few real furniture splurges. It is black with a very faint gold scrolly design on the front and I love it. So I gathered up my stenciling tools to recreate the look:

My shimmer/faux paint (bought it at Lowe's years ago and it has lasted FOREVER) and my glaze paint -- also has lasted forever, like a freaky long amount of time:
You need very, very, very little -- just an itty bitty dollop:
Mix them up and use the little stencil foamy thing (also has lasted about five years) and just dab it in:Get all the excess off, you want as little on the foam as possible:I taped the stencil down, and taped over the areas I didn't want to get painted:
Then I pulled it off and....

. I hated it. It was waaaaaay too bright. And I completely forgot about the handle that had to go back on as well. I thought I had taken a pic but I think I was freaking out too much.

I decided to paint the whole front panel black and just be done with the whole thing, so I started sanding over it. And a beautiful thing happened -- exactly what I wanted:
Well, I'll be. It was perfect. By accident.

Then I distressed the whole table just a bit. Because distressing stresses me:
I didn't use poly to protect it, I don't think this one needs it. I just scrubbed the old hardware and love how it turned out:
SWOON people!!
I'm still playing around with accessories:
The print above is going -- I'm making something else for that spot I'm very excited about. Let's just say the two little words: Ballard. Designs. Ack!

Here's a really bad, dark before picture with my GORG little Goodwill side table that was just too short:
And here's a really bad, dark daylight after picture:
I love!! Here's the Singer that was inside...she's a beaut:
Anyone know if these have any value anymore? It really is gorgeous. Wish I had a spot to display it.

This whole project was FREE! Free trash and free Glidden paint. Say it with me... Awwwwwwwww yeah.

I want to thank Kelee for highlighting me this week over at The Katillac Shack -- if you head over to see her beautiful site, be sure to comment! You'll be entered to win this FANTASTIC headboard!!:
Not even kidding, that is awesome!

P.S. I am so humbled and thankful for all of your wonderful, helpful and inspiring comments and and e-mails concerning my last post. I can't thank you enough. I am SO excited!!


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