Friday, July 10, 2009

Table runner pillows.

Well, no one won the dollar. (And don't doubt for a minute I wouldn't have sent it to ya.) Good guesses on what I made my new pillows out of, but no cigar folks. This time they were made of yet another table linen -- a runner!!

Woweeee people, this one is almost as easy at the placemat pillows. It requires a teeny bit more sewing though. Hemming tape if you choose. Or glue. Maybe safety pins. Scotch tape? Whatever floats your boat. I found this runner for $13 at HomeGoods a couple weeks ago:

I knew I wanted to use it but held off on making the pillows until I found solid pillows to work with. Can I tell you how perfecty these go with the placemat pillows? Ugh, I'm dying:

All you have to do is cut the runner at the size you want. Sew up one side and then the other, leaving a little opening to stuff.
Stuff it like a Thanksgiving turkey, sew 'er up and yer dun!! (Ummm...where is the hick-talk coming from Sarah?)
Or if you a total cheater like me, you can have the sweet man who makes your stuff for clients sew up the two sides in about 15 seconds for you when you drop off your client's fabric. Whatev. I cheat. So what? Use what ya got ladies. (I sewed up the holes, OK?)
Oh goodness sakes I love them so. much. Next step -- scotch guard the living daylights out of all of them.

Speaking of table linen pillows, my friend Amy at The Red Chair Blog posted the same project on the same day:

Freaky deaky. Hers is an outdoor pillow and I lurve it! Check it out here.

I am freaking out excited people -- I was recognized by a reader for the first time today!!!! We were out to dinner at a local (YUM-O!) pizza place and she stopped me. I was so giddy!! You must check out Kara's site -- she does amazing work refinishing furniture. Just gorgeous. She mostly sells to Indiana dwellers, but it sounds like she'll try to work it out if you really love something. And you will. Go check her out at Lila's Pockets. Hi Kara!!!!! (Waving wildly.)

Have a great weekend! I could just die I'm so happy with how our deck is turning out. I can't wait to show you next week.


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