Sunday, August 23, 2009

Chic Scents by Le Labo

I've worn the same two perfumes for years, Narciso Rodriguez in the winter and Calypso Mimosa in the summer. Recently, I felt like I needed a change and I knew just where to go, Le Labo. Every time I walked by their counter at Barneys I kept smelling the most delicious scents so I knew I would find something I loved and that no one else would be wearing. I chose Santal 26 which is actually one of their interior sprays. I joked with the salesman that if anyone came up to me said, "hey, you smell like my room spray," I was going to bring it back but he assured me that a lot of people buy them and wear them as perfume.

My other favorite is Ambrette 9 which is a baby perfume that smells nothing like baby powder but is actually light and fresh. All of their scents have a mysterious and sexy quality, probably because they are French. They also make perfumes that are exclusive to certain cities and I can't wait to hit Colette in Paris and check out the Vanille 44. I think it might be coming home with me. I hear men respond well to vanilla and I need all the help I can get! Oh la la!


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