Monday, August 10, 2009

Can you hear me now?

New York may be a technologically advanced city but in some areas like cell phone reception, it's very antiquated. Thus the reason that my Blackberry barely works in my apartment. It's a running joke among all my friends that in order to actually be able to hear them, I have to go into my "office" which is really the bathroom. I can go outside to make calls but that doesn't really work in the winter so I may have to break down and get a land line. Of course, not just any phone will do so if I do bite the bullet, I think I will get a vintage model. Not sure about a rotary dial like the one Elizabeth "Lizzie" Bailey used in her Hampton Designer Showhouse room but the color blue sure looks pretty.

Since orange is my favorite color, it will probably end up being orange like Nathan Turner's phone. A good place to find vintage phones is

Interior designer Lindsey Coral Harper used a red phone as an accent in her bathroom. Too bad it's not plugged in. How decadent would it be to talk on an old phone while taking a bubble bath?!

Of course, Yves Saint Laurent had not only a chic telephone but also a very chic telephone table. Too bad Mrs. John L. Strong went out of business. Their tablets were perfect for next to the phone.

If you have a retro home in Palm Springs like David Jimenez, then you need a groovy retro phone to go with it!

I just wouldn't go so far as to dye your poodle to match your vintage phone like Joan Collins in this photo by Slim Aarons! I don't even know how she could even find the phone in all that pink! Can you hear me now???


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