Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rewind: Kitchen Island

I thought it would be fun to "rewind" every once and a while and show you some of my earlier posts and projects and then the updates I've made since.

If you've been with me for about five minutes, you've seen my kitchen island. But it's one of my favorite changes rehabs I've done in our home and is also one of the cheapest and easiest.

It started way back when, when all five of my friends read my blog. I mean, I have more than five friends, there were only about five reading this blog back then.

I swear -- I have more than five friends. For real.

My very first post was about how our kitchen was turning into a sea of cherry wood -- floors, cabinets, island, table and chairs:
I really love islands that look like furniture, so I thought I would change it up and decided to add molding:
I added faux panels to the sides and back and painted the whole thing out in black. This began my deep-seeded hatred of laminate. Laminate and I are not bffs. I actually had thought of doing beadboard, but I think it was impatience that got the best of me at the time.

After the redo, all the sudden the chairs had to go (isn't that always the way?). So I went to Garden Ridge and found new chairs for the table and island for a steal -- buy one get one get one half off:
(The flash makes the island look grey in these pics.) As you know, I love me some beadboard, and I got an itch a few months ago to redo my redo with it:
Sigh. You just can't go wrong with beadboard -- really. Reheheally. The addition of corbels finished off the furniture-look I was going for:

And then cut down the chair legs by two inches with my compound miter saw (they were too tall) and upholstered my chairs to add a pop of color and cush for the tush:I lurve my beadboard island! I know many you have already redone your island or are planning on trying it -- you will love it!

Thanks for joining me on this island trip down memory lane. :)


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