Saturday, August 22, 2009

Planning for Paris

I'm a notorious overpacker but that's mostly because I always like extra options. One of the best ways to avoid overpacking is to plan out all your outfits in advance. This is especially helpful if you are attending an event like a wedding where don't want to forget your special shoes and accessories. In an attempt to prevent myself from overpacking for my upcoming trip to Paris, I've started laying out what I might want to wear each day. Of course, I can't finalize anything until I check the weather report a few days before I leave but this is a good start.

On the plane, I will probably wear my white JCrew jeans with a black silk tank from Rag & Bone and a cashmere cardigan (above). It's best to wear slip on shoes to get through security quickly so I'll wear my gold Louboutin flats. Accessories will include my new Phillip Lim necklace, bangle bracelets, Asha by ADM ring, and Prada bag. Inside the bag, will be a cashmere scarf, reading material, headphones, eye mask, moisturizer and Melatonin. I'd like to arrive looking chic and feeling refreshed! And if not, I will hide behind my Tom Ford sunglasses!

I'm not exactly sure about this orange dress since I've been advised to wear black everyday but it could be fun for when we attend Maison & Objet. I usually don't wear a necklace with it but it looked better with one for styling purposes. The bangles and ring will be the same as before but I might wear my Roger Vivier sandals if it's warm enough. Just in case it's chilly or wet, I am packing a pair of nude Loeffler Randall wedge flats that can work with neutral outfits or my black dresses for day.

For sightseeing and shopping, I am going to wear my old black Phillip Lim dress with my new Phillip Lim necklace. This dress looks better belted so I have to remember to pack one. On my feet will be my black Roger Vivier sandals. Yes I have them in two colors! When you find something you like and it's on sale, get it in every color!

I've been caught wearing inappropriate shoes, like opened toes Louboutin flats, to tour historic outdoor sites before which is the reason I bought the Hogan sneakers. We plan to spend many hours touring the chateau at Versailles as well as the gardens and Petit Trianon so I want to be prepared! My outfit will consist of white or blue jeans, little blush colored silk top with a JCrew striped cardigan. Jewelry will be bangles from before, blue stone ring, and pearl necklace on twine from Florence. And of course I can't forget my camera! I'm taking a small Canon for quick pics and my Nikon for when I want more professional looking photos!

I'm really excited to wear my new Ports 1961 dress while in Paris. It has a thin layer of tulle under the skirt so it will be the perfect day to night dress. During the day, I'll wear it with sandals or flats and I'll pack a pair of heels and different jewelry for the evening.

Depending on the weather, I might have to pack a thin raincoat. Before my flight back, I will have time to walk around so I was thinking about bringing a blazer to wear with a blouse and trouser jeans. It's better not to sleep when returning so you can go to bed at your regular time when you get home. Other helpful hints include packing bubble wrap which will fill up the empty spaces in your suitcase at the beginning and can be used to wrap your purchases for the trip back. If anyone else has some good travel tips or clothing suggestions, let me know! Bon voyage!

*Update: I just want to clarify that I don't leave until September 2nd! I decided to plan out my outfits early so I would be prepared in case I needed anything. When I wait until the last minute, I usually get too busy to plan and that's when I just throw everything in a suitcase and get to my destination missing a belt or without the right shoes!


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