Sunday, August 2, 2009

DIY window boxes!

Before I show you how I made our new window boxes, I must introduce you all to my LOVAH...
That would be my compound miter saw. Say hello Squeezies. You want him, I know you do. Don't be sceered, he's very gentle. I. love. him.

These window boxes were so easy, I swear it was ridiculous. Crazy. Nuts. Wacky easy. Here are the steps...

I used the leftover fence posts from my DIY shutters, measured the width of my windows and cut three pieces of wood to the length I needed:
Then I cut two end pieces the width of the wood -- five inches long. I ended up with the sides, bottom and end pieces:
To put them together I used my super duper glue:
I put a bead on the edges that were going together and then nailed them together with my beloved, er, nail gun:

And yes, I get a little nail happy. I put in, oh, about 20 nails per side, just for good measure. The nail gun is like the best thing ever in the history of man. Really, it's that fantastic. Really.
I put a little dab of glue along the end pieces, just a smooch. Then fit them on the ends:

When you get nail happy, inevitably the nails will not always go where they are supposed to. Sometimes you need some pliers and muscle to pry them out:
Voila! A window box:
Ummmkay peeps, if you have a miter saw and a nail gun, your husband, your brother, the guy down the street you can knock these puppies out in no time. Serious -- each one took maybe 30 minutes total to cut and build. Not lyin'.

If you don't have a saw and nail gun, try the miter box or the cutting guy at Lowe's. You can rent a nail gun or just try hammering in finishing nails. This will just make the assembly a lot longer.
The result? GORG!:
Helllllloooooooooo I LOVE THEM! With a little paint to match the trim and shutters from the deck redo they were complete:
I had extra wood and the Bub was still napping, so I went ahead and made a couple more for our bay window windows:
I didn't hang them though -- kind of because they are so low anyway, mostly because drilling into the siding was starting to give me hives. So they will just sit on the deck. Whew.

They are NOT perfect. They are not polished. But that's how I wanted them. I let go and love them not perfect. Not sure they'll even stay in the side of the house. I didn't want to drill huge toggle bolts into the siding so I did my best to hit studs. Little afraid they are going to crash down sometime soon. Crikey. Serenity now...

Does it kill anyone else to spend so much on flowers? It does me. Up till this year I had two front window boxes and maybe three or four containers with annuals every year. Why I keep creating spots for them, I'm not sure -- we'll have to spend a boatload on flowers next year.

Ah, who am I kidding.
Lurve. Best part -- each one was less than four bucks to make. :)


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