Friday, August 21, 2009

Sheet Boutique Giveaway!

(This contest is now closed.)

This is the Month-O-Giveaways here at TDC!! And this one is a great one -- it's all about sleep, which next to decorating, is my my all time favorite thing to do. And eat. Decorate, sleep, eat -- in that order.

Cara at The Sheet Boutique is another one of my advertisers and has graciously agreed to a great giveaway for this weekend!
In my opinion, a down comforter (alternative or real down) is the first step to a great sleep:
We have an alternative down comforter inside our duvet cover and I love it because it's easy to wash at home. I also love it cause it's like being wrapped in a big, fluffy hug every night. This is important. Remember, I know sleep peeps.

Cara's prices rival the cheapest I've seen in the stores -- a down alternative king comforter is only $69.99!

The next step to a good night's sleep -- good sheets. I've been stingy where these are concerned -- but no more!! As my friend Valarie says -- "Life is too short for low-count sheets!" (She put that on Crackbook, so it must be true.)

The Sheet Boutique has a great selection of sheets, including these bamboo sheets!:
Incredibly comfy and eco-friendly to boot.

I have yet to splurge on high count sheets, but they are one of our next big buys. At Cara's prices they are so reasonable!
These EzzzySleep Fleece sheets had me at Hello though:
We looooove us some flannel sheets, and these sound divine. My husband would seriously sleep on flannel in the middle of July -- but when your bedroom is eight degrees hotter than the rest of the house, this doesn't make for a comfortable evening. So come September/October, he's practically begging to put them on the bed. I already ordered these EzzzySleep sheets -- he will love me foreva.

Of course there are beautiful comforter sets, like this one:
This set is $99.99 for any size and you won't believe what is included!! Seriously, that's awesome. I lurve the chocolate color!

These hotel-inspired duvet cover sets are right up my alley:
I love how crisp, clean and classic this set is!

Now -- for YOU Squeezies...The Sheet Boutique is giving away the Dream Mate pillow:
This (standard size) pillow has a value of $46!! The pillow helps to regulate your temp, has a lining that keeps moisture away and is antimicrobial, hypo-allergenic and dust mite resistant. Um, that last part is important. Have you seen what we sleep with? Heebies!!

To win this awesome pillow, you know the drill! Leave a comment here, then go over to The Sheet Boutique, check out the items, and come back and leave another comment with the item you'd love to sleep with. ( know what I mean.) And for a third entry, go to Cara's blog here and become a follower (and let her know by commenting).

We spend so much of our lives in bed -- it should be a comfy sanctuary! Do something for yourself and get a good night sleep -- that's where I'm heading about 2.5 seconds after I hit "publish." My body has had enough due to a couple hours of paint stripping today! ;)

Nighty night. Smooches.


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