Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A new room to decorate -- help me decide!

Stink Eye Sister, otherwise known as "Elizabeth," graduated college last year after only seven five and a half years of school. (I like to exaggerate that a bit.) She did an internship in Atlanta last summer and then came home to find "real" employment.

I offered for her to stay with us...but the deal was practically written in BLOOD...only THREE months. I put my foot down and made this clear from the start. She found a real job and we were all thrilled!

And boy, did I stick to my guns. It's only been four, seven, nine months since she moved in.


Sooo anyhoo...about a month ago, I told her she needed to find her own place pronto. Why?
To get out and be independent?


To find a place so I could decorate it?


So I could have this room in our house to redo? Yes!:
I'm one sick puppy, I tell ya. I mean, I'm kind of lying. (Kind of.) I really did want her to get out and stop eating all my food become independent. But the added bonus of a new room to redo didn't hurt at all. Her room is the one above. It was my stepdaughter's room, back in the days when she'd actually come hang out with us, stay the night, spend quality time, bring her friends over, play games...wait...sorry, ummm...anyway, this is her room.

My stepdaughter picked out the colors and we did this project together -- I taped off the squares and she and her friends painted them all. It was so special. Sniff.

Anyway. I was waiting on Sister to get the heck out of my house move out, being oh-so-patient.

Twiddling thumbs.
Checking watch.
Tapping fingers.

And then one day, last week, she got a real, real job. Like, for reals. Where she makes good money and everything! But it's THREE HOURS AWAY.
Stink Eye, I did not mean to move three hours away!! I just meant get out of my dang house!

Well, she's leaving. I'm happy but not happy about it. I'll be glad to have my food back, but I will miss her terribly. So to help me through this time (I'm exaggerating just a teeny bit here) I am thinking of the glorious things I could do to this room! All involve molding!

At first I thought I'd go with the old standard around here and do wainscoting. But then I thought more beadboard like I did in the laundry room would be nice:
I have too much of both in this house though. I want to do something different! Something like this?:
This wall is FANTASTIC:I think I'm leaning toward this now:
(Credits: Unknown ((my idea binder!)) and Pottery Barn Kids)
Oh my, I lurve it!! I've already decided on the colors -- Linden by Eddie Bauer for the walls and ceiling, and white for the molding and furniture.

What do you think?

Stink Eye, I hope you know how much I love you, how proud I am of you, and how very much I will miss you.


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