Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A lamp transformation

I have found the only bad thing about buying from consignment shops is the no return policy. (Consignment shops are different from thrift shops like Goodwill.) This is bad, bad news for me because I once and a while, I suffer from what you may call buyer's remorse. I call it, Oh-it's-gorg!-I-must-have-it-right-now-screw-the-price-it's-gorg!-who-cares-if-it-won't-work-I-love-it-remorse.

Hence this lamp purchase:

I know it's hard to see...I was so stinkin' excited to paint this thing, I didn't take a before picture. Here's the lamp shade, just to give you an idea:

When I saw the lamp at the consignment shop, I fell in love with the unique shape of it. It's kind of retro and was definitely looking it. It needed updated, so I spray painted the whole thing (it is ceramic and wood) black, found a drum shade for $9 and added some extra grosgrain ribbon from the bathroom project (below) to the top and bottom:

Yahoo, much better! I felt like it still needed something, and today I found big iron keys at the same consignment shop ($7 for five!) that I lurve. I tied one on with a ribbon and think I love it!:What do you think?

I found a $9 pillow for the garage sale chair and am going to shop the house for new accessories for the table:

Love it!

I loved the tassels on the old shade, so I took them off and added them to another lamp:

Perfect! The Nester would be proud!! :)
P.S. Did I mention I love it? Maybe not. I love it. (There, only 25 "loves" in one post.)


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