Friday, August 17, 2007

Bibliophile Extraordinaire

Ok, I swear this is my last post that has anything to do with Vogue but I couldn't help but mention an interesting article and video on Men's Vogue about bibliophile extraordinaire, Sophie Dahl, pictured above. About the only thing Sophie and I have in common is a love of books and now, a love of first editions. Sophie is a model and the grand-daughter of the famous children's author Roald Dahl. You might have heard of one of his books, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Why couldn't have born into a famous family like that?! Anyway, you can read about her love of books and also watch her visit Bauman Rare Books in New York on the Men's Vogue website.

As an avid book collector, I also wanted to mention a great new website that I just discovered, First Edition Points. Before I buy any vintage or out of print book, I do extensive research online and this website has made that research so much easier! Even if I can't afford to buy a first edition, I like to know what one looks like. You never know when you might run across one in a flea market or thrift shop. I also like to know so I don't get fooled into buying a misrepresented or Book Club edition on eBay!

So the next time you are about to buy an old book, you might want to check out a first edition. It won't turn you into a model but it might turn you into a bibliophile extraordinaire!


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