Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Do Not Disturb

At first, I thought a post about bathrooms might seem weird but I don't consider my bathroom pictured below to be any less important than any other room in my home. In fact, when I move, it's one of the first rooms I put together. So when I ran across the photo above in H&G, it reminded me of my bathroom, although, I think have loved a claw foot tub in that room instead of the uncomfortable looking rectangular thing.

I LOVE clean white bathrooms! I think there is something so fresh about them. And I love to accessorize with my black and white photos of the beach and lighthouses, as well as with shells and natural colors. For me, it has a calming effect after the craziness of the city.

This bathroom is so spacious and luxurious it's probably bigger than my entire apartment! And it's so chic that I'm ready to move in!

Photos by Oberto Gili, moi and Jose Picayo


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