Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Fabulously Chic Darling!

While I would never consider myself a Versace kind of girl, I have to admit that I'm loving their interior design and furnishings from the Versace Home Collection in the model apartment at the Plaza in New York. I had only seen a tiny little photo in a magazine so I was excited to see House & Garden give it a spread in the September issue.

Interior architect on the project, Gal Nauer, called the collection of black, white and sleek silver "modern yet timeless" and I agree. I'm a sucker for classic details like mouldings mixed with modern furnishings. Apparently the artwork was chosen from ArtLink.

And if I ever become rich and famous enough to own a private jet, I will definitely call on Versace's aircraft interior design service to decorate it. Because it would be fabulously chic darling!

Photos by Francois Dischinger


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