Thursday, August 9, 2007

Is Philip Gorrivan the New David Hicks?

Philip Gorrivan was recently touted by House and Garden as one of The New Tastemakers and I'm loving his living room pictured above. I think yellow and turquoise is my new favorite color combination. But the more I looked at his designs, the more I kept thinking about David Hicks, whose work is pictured in the next photo. If you look really closely, there are David Hicks design books in Philip's apartment so obviously he's read his books and studied his work.

I think it's the patterned walls and carpets that Philip has used in his home and designs below that is the obvious similarity but it's also the use of eye popping color combinations.

If you want to look anywhere for design inspiration, you might as well look to the master. David Hicks' designs still translate and look modern to this day.

I love the soothing and serene palette in the master bedroom above that is accurately described as a cool mix of glamour and comfort.

It's in his work for a client's home pictured in the photo above and below that the references to Hicks really stand out. And since Hicks is no longer around, why not call upon Philip Gorrivan. He might just be the new David Hicks. What do you think?

Photos by Simon Upton and from David Hicks archive


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