Monday, August 13, 2007

Charlotte Moss Townhouse - Part One

As a treat for all my new blogger friends, I decided to visit the new Charlotte Moss Townhouse. I have been reluctant to do so until recently since they are a competitor and also because I interviewed with them this past spring and have just barely recovered from the experience. I won't go into all the details but it involves interviewing with a horridly rude man. I knew the minute I met him that I wasn't getting the job and I was right. But I decided to put my bitterness aside and take a walk over. Actually, I stopped by Saturday after visiting Barney's but they were closed. If you plan to visit, keep in my that they are observing summer hours until August 31st. I saw a man get out of a cab and almost cry because they were closed so plan ahead.

I wanted to hate the townhouse after my bad interview experience but I LOVED it!!! It's sooo beautiful! There is so much too look at that I almost had sensory overload! Everywhere you looked there was something even more spectacular! The photos here are just from the first floor! I tried to take as many photos as possible without getting into trouble since I was actually asked by one employee not to take photos but in the name of journalism, I snuck a few more. Shhh!

This is the fireplace you see in the entrance hall when you first come down the front steps.

This bar display was on the right when you walked down the front stairs. There were so many wonderful collections of prints for sale everywhere.

They had a wonderful shell display on the left side. The amazing thing about the store is that EVERYTHING is for sale! It's like walking through a friend's house and being able to buy all her fabulous things.

There were two display cabinets on either side of the fireplace wall. The one above had fabric swatches and interior design memorabelia. The other one below had a description and representation of what was on each floor.

The first floor has the sales counter, as well as, amazing displays of pottery, flatware, china, glassware, silver, napkins, garden accessories and her candles and room spray. The Snowdrops scent was my favorite.

A table setting on the first floor above and the back garden below. I love that trellis! I will post the other floors soon!


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