Monday, March 16, 2009

How I stencil

I have seen some lover-ly signs out there that I've been wanting to steal copy for awhile now. I'm amazed at how detailed some get -- most ladies I have seen trace the letters on and then fill them in with paint by hand?!

I am NOT that good.

I usually make my own stencils, and have them throughout our home -- they look like the vinyl wall words unless you are right up on them.

On a quick trip into Goodwill today, I found this board for $1.99. I loved it but I wanted to use it for something a little different:
I figured out the measurements, then got on the computer and figured out the font and size I wanted:
Then I use the exacto knife to cut out the letters:
For letters like a's, b's, d's,'ll have to cut out the middle. I use a very small piece of tape on the back to secure it in it's spot.
Then take a sponge brush or one made for stenciling to barely dab on the paint -- you won't need much!:
Peel them up and this is what you'll get!
I love it! And only $1.99?! Awwwww yeah.... I'll probably add some scrolly jobbies on each side of the sign to add a little somethin'.

I did this in our kitchen above our cabinets (I used Italian phrases). Later I thought they needed something too, so I scanned in the little scrolly thing from Uppercase Living catalog, made it the size I wanted, then added it to the corners:
For the larger phrases, you'll need more than one page to print them. Cut them out and hang them on the wall so they line up, then paint:

Here's more in my son's room:

Fun eh? And soooo much cheaper than "real" stencils or vinyl lettering. And when I say "cheaper" -- I mean FREE!!

Our winner for Syndy's bag is........
Tay from Lazy Daisy Design!
E-mail me your address and I'll get it to Syndy. Thanks for commenting ladies, that was fun!

OH!! And I'm so excited -- I'm hosting a Spray Paint Party!! Spring is coming, so that means getting outside to spray some STUFF. On Monday, March 23, join us and show off your transformations!


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