Friday, March 20, 2009

My most favorite room.

Our son's room is hands down my favorite room in our house. It was the only room in the house where I truly started from scratch -- every single thing was new. It turned out better than I could have ever dreamed -- and was truly a labor of love. We love it -- it is a bright, serene, classic space.

A few of you have asked about it here and there, and it is a gorgeous day today, the sun was shining I took some pics of my most favorite room. It is so special to me to share this with you. Sniff. :) Be prepared -- picture overload people!!

I got the honkin' cardboard letters from Joann's to fill the wall space as you enter the room. Our son's nickname with our friends and family is "Eds" because of this:

This is the chair I showed you here. The stripes I did myself -- they are the cream of the walls, plus three shades of Apple green from Lowe's. I did various sizes -- two, three, four and five inches. The book thingy by the chair I showed you here and I still have not painted it (slacker) but it works perfectly. The chair was from Babies R Us:

I. LOVE. THIS. CRIB. It is Gorg! I ordered it from JCPenney's -- it converts to fit a full bed. Part of the reason I decided to share his room with you today is that we are going to convert it into the toddler bed in the very near future. He is ready. Double sniff.
His bedding is from Pottery Barn Kids -- a total spurge! It is called Twinkle Twinkle and I just sigh every time I see it:
I wanted to add a little whimsy to the room, so here and there throughout, I painted the lambs and bunnies from his bedding. Before ya'll go thinking I'm a painter...(NOT!)...I actually scanned his sheet into the computer, printed them out, then used them as stencils. Drew the little faces with a toothpick and they turned out great!:

I wanted a custom sign for above the crib, but everything I found was craaazy expensive. I took a canvas, painted some stripes in varying sizes, then used some little trim from the craft store and my own stencil to print out his name:

This project was very special to me -- I had always dreamed of having built ins in the room, and my Dad helped make it a reality. The two of us made the built ins, hung the crown molding and painted everything together. I love that he was so involved in making our son's room so special:

That space between the windows is the perfect spot for a window seat, but we may have to hire out for that. For now, the toy box works.

I painted the backs of the shelves and LOVE IT! Highly, highly recommend doing this. I got white frames on sale at Micheal's, and found poster board that matched his room exactly. I printed the pics off the computer and just taped them on top of the poster board -- no mats! Cheap!!:
The built ins are simply stock cabinets as the base, trim added around the bottom to raise them up, then pine boards as the shelving. Both units were less than $250 to make.
One of my favorite parts of the whole room is the blue ceiling. I love how it makes the crown pop!:

The dresser and pedestal table were unfinished and were NOT cheap -- it was an investment. (I had preggo brain and was not computing dollar signs at the time.) I painted them bright white and added the crystal knobs to the dresser:
Oh yeah, and no Diaper Genie here -- I got cheap towards the end. We use a stainless steel trash can for diapers and it works great. The laundry bag is also from PBK and is perfect -- I just lug it downstairs, dump the clothes in the washer, then put the folded clothes back in to take upstairs.

My best friend got me this Lang calendar for his first year. I love it so much, I keep it up and like to look back at it:

The shutters I found at my favorite antique store. They were $20 for all four! They are beat up -- some slats missing, dents everywhere...but I love them:
Here's another view of the stripes. It really, really was not hard to do. It takes time, but the effort is minimal. Someday I'll show you how I did it!

This guy I got free from Uppercase Living when I hosted a party. I bought canvas fabric and stuck him on there, so I can take it someday if we move. I still haven't added his measurements but plan to soon with a chocolate brown pen. I like the idea of adding small pics of him at each size as well...

The ideas for his big boy room are coming slowly but surely, but I keep hesitating because I will miss this room SO MUCH. I want to make the next room just as sweet, but in a big boy way...not sure that is possible? :)

For more of this room, go here for organization ideas, here for small projects I did to update the space and here for the window treatments (EASY!).

Have a great weekend!

P.S. I think I said "here" about 56 times.
P.P.S. I think I said "love" about 82 times.


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