Sunday, March 22, 2009

You know what Spring means!!

Fresh air coming through the windows?


Tulips finally poking out of the ground?


Short sleeves and capris?


Noooooooo sillies -- it means we can spray paint outside again!!!!!!!!!!

So let's get this party started!

First of all -- a few of you have asked how to spray paint. My best advice is to use many thin coats and use very short bursts. Don't hold down and spray back and forth -- this is not good. I took a very quick video to show you how I do it:
See how easy it is??

OK, now onto so some of my goodies. I found my Easter tree a few weeks ago and love it...but the more I looked at it the more I thought it looked a little sad:
So I spray painted it white -- the whole thing! I am so excited about this because now I can use it for pretty much any holiday. Can't you just see little hearts hanging from it?:
I showed you our laundry room here. I spray painted the frames, the shelf brackets, the clothespins in the jars and four other items I found at my BFFs...I mean....Goodwill:
This was an unfinished Bub rocking chair I got at Micheal's for $24 -- spray painted it and it's held up great!:I spray paint lamps:
Finials that were U.G.L.Y. until some paint made them look fab:
My consignment shop is stone and was grey. Uh...who wants a grey pear?? Not me!
Not sure anyone wants a black pear either...Ummm...shut it! Black works for everything!!

I got this beaut at Homegoods last fall. It was a cheese plate thingy. I just spray painted the tray and now it looks less cheesy and more wine cabinety. (NEEDED: more corks!!)

I'll spray paint just about anything. This was the top of a mirror that broke off...I got it for free and painted it. You can see where it broke off on the bottom, but I lurve it!: My candelabra over the tub wasn't just the right color of brown, so five minutes of spray paint and there. you. go.

Here's what I was spray painted in the video -- I'm soooo excited about this! I'm making it into an art caddy for my son. I'll show you the finished product later this week:
Here are some other quick tips:

I use the dollar spray paint you can find just about anywhere for most of my items. If it's wood that needs really good coverage, I use the stuff that's a bit more expensive -- like $4.

ALWAYS get the "fast drying" spray paint. You can get a small item completely finished in 30 minutes if you use this.

If the paint drips, wipe it up immediately and re-spray. If you notice it later, sand it down and spray again.

If the item get crackly when it dries, sand it down and spray paint again.

There you go! If you haven't tried you have no excuse. :)
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