Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My priorities are whacked.

Exhibit A:

My cell phone. It’s broken. I mean, broke. Like hanging on by a wire, broken. If I open it, it dangles on the wire…

Yes I taped it. I’m putting off buying a new one as loooooong as possible.

You see…I want new bamboo shades for the family room.

Exhibit B:

My half of the closet. This is just half of my half. And I wear about one tenth of what is in here. And that one tenth, I wear over and over and over. Most everything here I could toss tomorrow and would never miss it.

I need new clothes – BAD.

But I need to buy some beadboard.

Priorities people.

Exhibit C:
Our fridge. OK, OK…I cleaned it out today. It’s not usually this empty I swear. And yes, my son gets fed.

But if I could, I would never buy more than milk, eggs and Pepsi so I could get more of our Pergo floors to install in the dining room.


Tell me I’m not the only one. And if I am the only one, just make me feel better, K?

P.S. I have to add -- my phone used to be cool. But at the time, the Bub was little and it was his favorite toy. And it died from too much Bubba dropping/playing/drooling. This one was cheap and now that he isn't obsessed with them anymore...I'm holding out for an iPhone baby!!


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