Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Well hellooooo there!!

Isn't it FAB?? (If you are reading this in Google Reader you may want to click over.) I've been thinking about my redesign for AGES and am so totally, completely giddy with how it turned out!! Shannon at Eightcrazy Design is fan-freaking-tastic!

She took my inspiration -- my business card I had made up about six months ago -- and ran with it. It is so absolutely cool I can't stand it. (Squeal!) It's a perfect mix of sophisticated and fun and I'm thrilled. If you need any design services, I encourage you to check out Shannon's site.

Let me take you on a tour!

All the old stuff is still here, it's just organized better. (OH goodness, you know how I love organization!) Many of the items that were along the side are now up in the tabs along the top of the site.

I added specific tabs about advertising and consults -- check them out if you are interested! I highlighted some of the rooms in our house under the Our Home tab.I made the FAQ post a tab, so if you are new to TDC, many of your questions on projects I have completed are answered there.

Get Connected has links to my e-mail, Twitter and Facebook accounts and my Etsy site. Because you can't click the header to get "home" -- you can click the house button or go to the "Home" on the tab on the header to get to the front page of my site.

You can get my new blingy button (seen above) along the side as well. Isn't it awesome? (If you grabbed it early, the link is corrected now! I have a dot com address I haven't switched over yet.)

Some of my labels I had highlighted on my old site. Shannon has organized them so nicely all together along the side under Popular Catagories. These are some of my favorite labels, things like holiday posts, window treatments, beadboard, etc. I may add to these in the future, but you can still search my blog under What You Missed or check out past posts and my labels way down on the bottom left.

You can still see fellow bloggers in my blogroll down on the left as well. :)

I'm still tweaking some things but for now, it's done! And I'm in luuuuurve!! I hope you love it too! Thanks so much for the sweet comments!

P.S. And thanks to Beckie from Infarrantly Creative for introducing me to her BFF! :) (That would be Shannon.)


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