Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Let's Revisit Miles Redd

I'm heading out early today to the D&D Building to participate in the panel discussion, The Evolution of Design, at 9:00am so I thought I should you something to look at while I am away. I've been thinking about this apartment that Miles Redd decorated and thought it would be fun to revisit it. House Beautiful published it in the July 2009 issue but as I've mentioned before, I love to see the photos outside of the magazine and laid out as they would be in the apartment. Then you can get a sense of the flow and how the colors move throughout the space. The colors are fantastic and the lacquered walls in the living room are to die for.

Elle Decor asked a few women designers in the November 2009 issue questions including how they would advise someone starting out in the business. Charlotte Moss and Kelly Wearstler had similar responses while included among other things, train your eye by reading magazines, looking at books, going to museums, and traveling. I would like to suggest studying the work of designers you admire as well. Then ask yourself why do you like their work? What did they do that you would never have thought of? What colors did they mix the room or house? How did they arrange the furniture? As I've heard from my readers, a lot of them want to work in design but might not have the funds to go to school right now but there is a lot you can learn on your own for free from top designers!

So I leave you with this gorgeous apartment to ponder and peruse while I away all day. Please behave yourself and don't break anything. I don't want to have to come back and ground you! See you later!

Photos by Thomas Loof


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