Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's my birthday and you all rawk!

**You all are awesome!! Thanks SO MUCH for your help on the chairs! I feel like I can actually do this now. Or, maybe just slipcover them, which I didn't even consider. ;) Thank you!**Well, tomorrow (Friday) is my 34th birthday. I'm writing this on Thursday night, but I celebrate for at least a week every year anyway, don't you? Drag it out as long as possible I say!

My hubby is just a teensy bit older than me (it's more than a teensy, but let's just say that), and I used to make SO much fun of him when he couldn't remember how old he was going to be every year.

Ummm...I get it now. A few months ago I quite literally could not remember if I was going to be 33 or 34. Reheheally. And I KNOW I'm not old...I'm just sayin'. I've got too many home decor projects running through my noggin that cloud it all up. Hubby is in trouble because I have no clue how old he will be this year either. ;)

So one of those home decor projects I mentioned is the reupholstering of our dining room chairs. Other than hard floors (someday...sniff...) it is the only thing holding me back from completely this lovely space.

The seats are easy peasy, I did those years ago when the room was red and gold:
It's the backs I'm trying to figure out! Can you help a birthday girl OUT?

I have to deal with this:
And the back looks like this:

I'm thinking different fabric for the back, but how the heck do I get these suckers off? Take out the staples? Then just pop it out? Umkay, then how do I deal with the trim? Just cover it? Cut it off?

How the heck do I get these back on? Serious, I can't figure this out. I've sat in these chairs many a time in the past few weeks, trying to get this through my head. I have a feeling it's going to be a Project. (With a capital "P.")

Dad got me an electric stapler for my b-day (WHOHEW!!) so I am just about to pee my pants I'm so excited to use that thing!

Can you help?

And thank you for helping me out with the One Project Closer contest! I believe it is closed now, so we will see what happens! :) You all are the best.



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