Friday, October 23, 2009

Another great giveaway!

Hello all! Hope you had a fantastic week and have a great weekend planned! It was a busy day for us, but hubs and I got a sitter tonight and took a couple hours to go out for a late dinner -- we don't do that enough! With his fall schedule, we were lucky to get those two hours. :)

This weekend we have another fabulous giveaway here at TDC! This one is from Angie at ABCD Images. Angie's original, vintage-inspired photography is just gorgeous. I have the most talented advertisers, I swear!! Yet again, I got lost in the fab that is her photography.

My first favorite (there are many) is this one:
Cherry blossoms always get me. I don't know what it is. I want a cherry blossom tree. :)

I love this theater marquee -- perfect for Michigan dwellers!:
Any photography that has anything to do with architecture has me at hello. I've attempted photos like these and they always fail miserably compared to this one:
The columns and the shadows are fantastic. Yet again, it is the most simple of subjects that are the most stunning, in my opinion.

Many of Angie's photos were shot in Japan. The way the pink blossoms stand out on this one is what makes it a favorite of mine:

And this print, I don't know what it is about it, but it's my absolute favorite. It tells a story, don't you think?:
Those are candles in snow if you were wondering. ;)

Angie has graciously offered any one 8x8 or 8x10 print or any two 5x5 or 5x7 prints to one of you!

You know the drill! For your first entry, just leave a comment here. Because I enjoyed your comments from last weekend so much, tell me the favorite photo of your life -- what's one that sticks out most to you? Is it from your childhood, school, travels, your wedding? (I know. I'm so annoying to do that, but you guys asked for it, being all sweet and inspiring last week.)

Then, for your second entry, go to Angie's Etsy shop to find your favorite print and come back here to leave a second comment. This giveaway will end on Monday at noon, Eastern time.

By the way, Angie is offering FREE worldwide shipping on all prints for the holiday season. What a great deal!

Have a great weekend and enjoy!!


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