Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rewind: My nemesis (cords!)

So this post is going to be a few decent pictures and a whole lotta really bad, flash, boring pictures -- but this stuff is important people! If you are cray-zay like me that is. A long time ago I posted about my hatred of CORDS, and I thought I would share more of how I deal with them.

There is nothing that ruins a gorgeous room to me more than CORDS. Ugh. I was watching a decorating show the other day and one of the designers used a picture of a room with cords all over the place as an example of her work. ALL I could see were the cords.

I know, so many issues, so little time.

Just so my girlfriends and family who read my blog know, I don't really see them when I'm in other people's houses...it's only in pictures. Well, except in my own house. They drive me mad in my own house.

Here's what I do to eradicate the cords around this place...

Exhibit A:
A lamp, but no cords. Ahhh, how does she do it? Like this:
A little bit of cord cover down the back of the table leg and a long cord cover down the wall to the outlet. A honkin' big chest on the bottom shelf of the table helps to hide everything else. And I'll have you know I removed just a few dust bunnies from back here. I'm real with y'all but not that real. ;)

My trash to treasure table:
Here come the really bad pics...some cord covers go up the leg on the back for one cord, more covers hide the excess cord of the lamp:
The cord covers have sticky backs and I HEART THEM.

Our entry table:
Where's it at? Where's it at?

Under the table of course!:
All the excess cord is under the table, and the cord hangs down the back leg behind the tall vase.

It makes me SO happy.

Our armoire in the bedroom, with cords and cables to hide:
One long cord cover goes a long way...these things can be cut to any size and you don't need much: You can find these at any home improvement store, and I've seen them at electronic stores as well. I also use cup hooks on the back of the armoire to pull up the cables that would hang down behind otherwise:
Drapes cover those awful things too:
And covers down the leg and along the wall help too:
My nightstand looks great:
Ummmm, I won't even show you hubby's side. Serious.

I even hide the cords for the window decor during the holidays:

Oh, sweet bliss, not a cord in sight!
YES. I even use them outside:
I told you I was a total fruit loop. I do have a life that does not involve finding ways to hide cords. Everyone has their thing, right? This is my thang.

Can I get a hollllllaaaaaa? What is your thing that drives you nuts?


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