Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fall decor for the outdoors!

I hope you all had a lovely fall weekend!! We did -- it included just about all of my favorites of this season, which I'll tell you more about tomorrow. I am truly in fall nesting mode right now, and I love it!

Every year I have more and more fun decorating the outdoors of our home for the different holidays and seasons. The front door and porch is my favorite area, but this year, because we made our deck so livable, I threw a little out there too.

For now, just a simple collection of white and mini pumpkins, along with my 49 cent Ball jars, is plenty to add a touch of fall out back:
I'd like to do a couple more things out there, but for now it's lovely just as is. :)

For our front window boxes, I added some "faux" (sounds sooo much better thank fake, doesn't it?) pumpkins, as well as some real ones. The little ones last forever and always get me well into the Christmas season. (That would be 12:01 a.m., November 27th, in case you didn't know.):
The mums are looking just a tad bit droopy right now!

For the front porch, I have found a set up that works every year and I think I'm gonna stick to it. First, corn stalks for $5.99 each (you can find at most nurseries right now):
Next, some GORG mums...
Aren't they the most beautiful color you've ever seen?

Next, the tried and true front door container, which I showed you here:
And this is what you get:

Add a brand spankin' new flag, and some pumpkins, and you are set!
Our front porch is TEENY. I mean, teeny tiny itty bitty eetsy weensy. I dream of a gorgeous expanse of porch, but just because it's small doesn't mean it can't be beautiful my Squee-zays.

Stalks, mums and pumpkins, and your front porch will be the talk of the neighborhood (in a good way), even if it's teeny! Sigh. I love driving up to our house and seeing this...
Although it appears only a size two woman can walk through the middle, there really is plenty of room. And Halloween night, I move the planters and pumpkins so those precious goblins and ghouls can actually get up to our door, costumes and all. ;)

How do you dress up your front porch for fall?


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