Thursday, October 15, 2009

The table is set.

I am adding this to Susan's Tablescape Thursdays! :)
First of all, can I tell you how much you are my Squeezies? Your responses to my cord covering post absolutely had me cracking. up. You guys get me. Double pound to the chest to y'all.

So the dining room is turning out so great, I can barely stand it. I love it so much! I am getting there with the reupholstering of the chairs. I tore off the backs of three more this evening, and although my hand looks like a claw now, I have four almost done. I think I've finally figured out how to get the backs back on the chair, which is kind of important. ;) I cannot wait to show you -- they make the whole room!

Part of my birthday gift to myself (doesn't everyone do that?) was new dishes for the dining room. I never registered for china when we got married -- if people wanted to get us something, I wanted it to be something we would really use. Instead I bought a set of Pier 1 gold and red dishes that went perfect with the old dining room.

Obviously, they don't any more. Now, they are our everyday dishes and I have no idea why I waited so long to do that! Funny how at 34 I finally feel like an adult every day when we eat, not using the dishes from college. ;) So last week I was on the hunt for new, luscious dinnerware that I could piece together for the dining table.

Yesterday I needed the final piece -- the placemats. I bought three items -- two chargers and a placemat (I have to see how things work!) and ended up keeping the placemat:
It's simple and the brown matches the chairs and walls perfectly. I like how simply elegant they are. (From Stein Mart.)

Next up, my HomeGoods plates:Ummm. I love them. The room is fairly simple with the colors, so I wanted to bring in some flair with the dishes. They have a little accent of brown in them:

Next up, I wanted a square salad plate, and found some at Target:

They don't match the other browns exactly but I only notice it when taking a picture in this light. ;)

Then, simple white linens, (again from Stein Mart) placed on the plate like Pottery Barn. Cause I like how Pottery Barn sets a table:

Simple detail:

I found PERFECT bowls at Pier 1:

With a little touch of curvy:

To finish it off for the season, I added metallic pumpkins (more on those later!) inside each bowl:

To finish off each setting, I added the water goblets I've been collecting at Goodwill (for 49 cents each!) over time:

And I absolutely ADORE how it turned out!

But it still needed just a little something. Little white votives at each setting finished it off:

You have no idea how much I wanted to eat our dinner of leftovers here tonight. ;) We will eat here much, much more, when the room is complete.

As a reward, I am going to fix a fab meal for us when I'm done. I just ordered the new light fixture tonight, and in my head, it absolutely completes the room. Let's just hope it turns out like in my noggin!

Once I finish up the chairs and the bench for the seating, and get that light's done! I hope to show you the final reveal next week. You won't believe the before and after. Wowzers.

Don't you all love the look of a set table? Do you keep yours set all the time? I never have because of the fear of DUST. But now I'm so tempted to leave it like this all the time. (Well, maybe without the silverware. We kinda need that.) I just love it.

I'll be back tomorrow with another fab giveaway! Stay tuned.

P.S. I was thrilled to be featured at! Check out their highlight of my "Fall glow" post here.


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