Monday, November 9, 2009

Another one bites the dust...

Word just came today that Hachette will cease publishing Metropolitan Home magazine after the December 2009 issue. The good news is that this means that they are focusing their resources on Elle Decor. The bad news is that many people will be losing their jobs right before the holidays. I just saw Donna Warner and her editors while I was in High Point so clearly they didn't know this was coming. It's so frustrating because it feels like there is nothing left when I go to the newsstand. Clearly everyone loves home design and is clamoring for content so why can't the publishers make their shelter magazines work?! We already told them that we would be willing to pay more per issue and for subscriptions since advertising is down but seems no one was listening. It's really a shame. I hope for all our sakes that Elle Decor and House Beautiful can survive!


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