Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fall around the house.

I think it's time I show you the rest of my fall decor around here, because, well...I'll be honest...Christmas stuff is finding it's way out.

Keeeeeel me. I love it. I don't apologize. Christmas decor is just dreamy, seeing it makes me giddy. Like, when it was out at Lowe's two months ago, GIDDY.

So sue me. The fall stuff is going to be boxed up soon. :)

I decorate on the cheap whenever possible, as you know. Here are some more examples of how I do this for fall!

When I made this candlescape for the powder room last year, the rocks came with the little acorns. Most of the year, those are put away, but for now, they are arranged on top, giving the pot-tay just a touch of fall:
These tin containers came inside a couple of my Southern Living sconces, I guess for if you use real flowers in them. Pushaw, like that's gonna happen. So I use the inserts on their own, one in our living room, one for fall stuff in the kitchen window:
Some foam inside, stick the beady stuff in, fill in with faux apples. Easy peasy. And colorful!

Last year I got dollar store frames, some pretty paper and stenciled letters on to make this:
Now, I'm on the lookout for small, ornate frames to use instead. I think that would be lovely!

I wrap beady stuff around candles whenever I can:
More beady. More candles:
I just took the SLAH iron piece above and used wire cutters to take the stuff off of fall pics to fill it. Can you get any easier than that? Noooooooo, you cannot.

Speaking of candles, I fell in LOVE with these blingy votive holders when I saw them at Michael's and Hobby Lobby:OH, I just love these things. I wish they made them ten times this size. I added a fall-toned tassel that came from my old dining room to the lamp and it's done:
Ummmm, can you tell I used to sell Southern Living at Home? I think their stuff is just classic -- it's been six years and I still love every piece:
Again, stuffing flowers in, fluffing, done.

A little iron pumpkin with random fillers thrown in, stacked on books:
Texture peeps! Stacking items! You can't go wrong! Stop yelling Sarah!

Spray paint strikes again. ;) I sprayed some pine cones for some color:
Cause you know I need color.

I replaced a tray that was in this spot with a beautiful platter from HomeGoods:
I want to eat hot dogs off it, I love it that much. Gorg.

I took my Goodwill plates that just happen to be full of fall color and just plopped them right on top of the Dollar Store plates that were already here:
I found that whole set at Goodwill -- like new!

And of course, I had to add some color under glass! More fall pics cut off the stick, piled high under my huge Goodwill cloche:
And a Pier 1 clearanced plate from last year with cheapy faux apples for the table:
And course, beady stuff. ;) I doubt you are surprised.
Use what you got my Squeezies! Fill something with fall colors, add some texture and you are set. Lovely, and cheaptastic!!

OK. Now onto Christmas. Sorry. It's my blog and whateva whateva I do what I want! (Name that character!)


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