Thursday, April 22, 2010

Goodwill transformations!

Hello there! Today I want to brag on a few of my new Hoosier/local friends who joined Beckie from Infarrantly Creative and me at our Goodwill Shop and Hop last month. shophopWe had such a blast and I’m so impressed with what these ladies did with their goodies.

Erin from Beauty in the Attempt turned this $1 Goodwill find…IMG_0310[1]Into this:

IMG_0610(Click here for more!) Isn’t that cool? I love those test tube things.

Then she turned these little terracotta pots:IMG_0308Into these painted and numbered pots:IMG_0411 Ack!! I. love. them. ANYONE could do this!

Shannon from Quarry Orchard used her Krylon Oil Rubbed Bronze (ORB) Spray Paint from her swag bag and attacked some candlesticks.IMG_3479 IMG_3513

Then she went after these beauties with the ORB as well:
Stubby candle stick beforeStubby candlesticks after
Now that’s what I call a transformation!
She turned something most of us would pass by into something I’d buy in a heartbeat!:
Christmas stand before Christmas stand after

Julie knocked my socks off with her transformations: goodwill transformation 2 copy

Can you believe that? It’s fantastic!!

She also found a floral skirt in a funky fabric and added cute accents to all of this with that little bit of fabric:goodwill transformation 1

I’ll take a pillow and the skirt in a size two please. Ha. I am SO KIDDING. (About the size, not wanting it.)

Gail from My Repurposed Life had some major vision – she turned a tall candlestick and a pot lid (of all things?!):

100_6743_thumb[16] 100_6747_thumb[9]

Into a birdbath! Isn’t it beautiful?:


I bet the birds are digging it. :) Go here for more info on this project.

Peggy from Pig Logs and Taterberries was one of the lucky few who actually found something she didn’t have to touch – she just brought this awesome rug home and laid it down! (Jealous.):03Then she took this fantastically gorgeous (ahem) singing angels pillow:022

And made it look “today”:


You gotta love that!!

Lisa found a doll crib for her daughter’s birthday gift:DSCN0452With a bit of white spray paint and tightening up some screws she made it look brand new:


So adorable!

Lastly Tricia from Rejuvenating Trisha Lou used her free ORB spray paint to make these:

015 016

Into these:


Ahhh yes, the difference oil rubbed bronze makes!

I hope you are inspired with what these ladies were able to do with a few bucks in Goodwill finds and some spray paint – your possibilities are endless!! I’ve reinvented a couple of my recent Goodwill finds and will show you next week. :)


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