Thursday, April 15, 2010

I did not say “Um”

Well, first of all, I have to tell you how much I loved reading your comments on my last post. I wrote that one hoping to help some of you that get negative comments, but look what happened yet again…you go and make me feel all gushy and mushy and LOVED. Thank you so much. (Really truly.)

So anyhoo -- today I was on TV! Yes, freak. out!

It was a local morning show called Indy Style. I have been on television a couple of times before, back in the day when I worked in PR/marketing. But it was usually during some kind of crisis with five microphones stuck in my face. Needless to say, it wasn’t fun. Notsomuch.

This was fun!! I really did have a ball. I was a little anxious beforehand, but that was mostly due to the I hope I don’t sleep in on accident, I gotta do my hair and put on makeup, make sure the car is packed, I hope I didn’t leave a light on in the car and walk out to dead battery, have to get the kiddo up and to the sitter, and gotta get through rush hour traffic (oh how I DON’T miss that!) stuff that goes into getting downtown early. (Early for ME.)

I really wish I would have added “gotta get a spray tan” to that list because OH LORDY I am pasty, Elmer’s glue, blindingly white:


But it was a feat I got everything else done and got there in time, so I’m not complaining. (Did I mention I’m not a morning person?)

My sis served as my assistant for the morning, and it was so wonderful to have her there with me. :) She took a few pics of my segment from the “green room”:



We both couldn’t believe how big the set looks on TV, but it’s just one large room, with areas for different segments:

040I imagined it being four times this size! It was super cool to see the behind the scenes work to make a show like this happen -- really impressive. And everyone there was so fun and SO nice. Ack! I loved it!

Of course, the video of my segment is the only one not working online, so until it’s fixed, I took a video of it on our TV. It looks awful, bear with me. I figured some of you would want to see it and didn’t want to leave you hanging.

Oh, and I can operate a saw and nail gun like nobody’s business, but I don’t know how to turn off closed captioning on the TV:


You’ll notice that I didn’t say “um” much but I did say “Yes,” “Yep,” and “Yeah” about a bagillion times. Gah.

Yep. Yes I did. Yeah.

(And those of you who know me in real life – YES I am still married. :) I use my maiden name for press stuff.)

I was so tired from the day when we got home, I didn’t finish up the chair just yet (six minutes went SO FAST and we ran out of time to show it!), but I’ll show you this weekend. It’s super cute!

If they are able to get the video working on the web site, I’ll link to that instead because the quality is MUCH better. :)

Because I know many of you wanted to know more about the airplane art above the Bub’s bed – here’s a run down of how I hung it:

1. Take a large poster frame – the cheapy ones with the thin plastic frame around them – and discard the cheapy plastic frame. 

2. I kept the cardboard backing, put the poster on top, then put the acrylic over the poster. I wrapped pieces of painter’s tape along the sides and edges to keep the poster from slipping out while I installed it.

3. Put the whole thing up on the wall (figure out your center first!) then secure it temporarily. I actually used my nail gun and put a nail into it, thinking I would secure the whole thing to the wall that way and then put molding over it. I realized after the first nail that is NOT a good idea – it split the acrylic. Oops!

4. The acrylic did end up coming loose from the nail towards the end, but it served it’s purpose and held it up long enough for me to get most of the molding installed around it. If you just have a second set of hands, that should be all you need.

5. Then I just installed the molding, but I only nailed into the molding on the bottom and middle, if that makes sense. I didn’t nail into the molding on the inside – near the poster. I only nailed around the outside. So it’s is secure enough to hold the poster and acrylic but I didn’t nail into the acrylic.

From what I can tell, there’s enough give in the acrylic so that I can wedge it out someday to replace the art. I have not tried to take it out because I spent too much time putting it up and wasn’t about to mess it up. :) But it feels like I’ll be able to get it out of there fine.

Even if I’m not able to get it out, it won’t take long at all to pry the molding off of one side to slide it all out, replace the art, and slide it back in.

I hope that helps – sorry I don’t have visuals for that one, but I didn’t take any pictures of the process. I know, bad DIY blogger!!

Another giveaway weekend is coming up tomorrow! Till then, have a GREAT Friday!


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