Sunday, April 25, 2010

Painting the backs of built ins


Well, I finally did the last of the painting in the Bub’s room today – sheesh, this room has involved a crazy amount of painting. I am not touching a paint brush again for months! OK, weeks! OK, probably tomorrow!

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was struggling with the color for the backs of the built ins. I was thinking the navy may be too much. The accent colors of red or yellow would just be too bright. And I did consider going back to white for a hot second, but it was fleeting.

I just LURVE when the backs of built ins are painted:


I just think it’s a really inexpensive way to accent the architecture and it makes your accessories positively pop!

And if you’ve read this blog long, you know I am a lovah of painting ceilings as well. I have done it for years and the Bub’s room is a great example of how great it can look…and it had me thinkin’.

Why not use the grayish blue from the ceiling on the backs of the shelves? It grew on me and I thought it would look pretty fab. The bonus – I had some leftover from the ceiling!

Well, I ADORE it:



Sorry the pics aren’t great – it was gloomy today and I was losing light!

The blue is a color match to Upward from Sherwin Williams, and it’s a really lovely, soothing grayish blue:

What’s funny is just a few weeks ago I asked my fellow Twits on Twitter about recommendations for a grayish blue -- and DUH, I had it right here. (I was thinking about it for another room.)

Anyhoo, it’s awesome – it looks like it would have been on the same paint chip as the wall color (Admiralty from Lowe’s) as a lighter tone of the navy. I was a teensy bit nervous how the red and yellow accessories would look with it, but I think they’re going to be great:


The red will anyway. :) I still need to put everything back arrange it. (The FUN part!)

There will be a Squishy II coming later this week. It’s been kinda nice not cleaning up after a fish lately, but the cutie gumball tank looks so lonely without a little friend.  ;)

I’m SO close to done with the room! I’m waiting on a couple finishing touches but I really hope I'll be able to show you this week. SQUEAL! I love it!!

I do need your advice on a couple things! One, leave the doors on the built ins as is or paint the insets on them?:

012At first I considered the navy…then I thought maybe the Upward color. Now I’m thinking I like the white. It kind of works with the white board and batten around the bottom of the room and continues the white…which I’m digging now. What do you think? Color or no?

Second question for your brilliant minds – the gorg sconces in the window area are a oil rubbed bronze finish, which I normally adore…but with all of the brushed nickel accents in the room, I’m wondering if I should spray paint them to match?:


If my ORB spray paint was jealous with my use of the Heirloom White – it is full out loony on me now, because I am absolutely in LOVE with the brushed nickel in this room – I’m using it all over the place!

I love how the dark arms of the sconces pop off the drapes, but it’s kind of bugged me that they don’t match the metallic accents.

So what say you? Built in doors in color or white? Sconces as is or spray painted? I would love to hear your thoughts! Thanks in advance – you rock!

I’ll announce the winner of the HomeGoods gift card tomorrow! Have a great Monday!


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