Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easy spring decor

birdsI don’t do a whole lot of decorating for “smaller” holidays, or much for the seasons really (except fall!) Would you believe I didn’t even have one bird in our house before last spring? Nada. What kind of blogger am I? Sheesh.

But last year I won these beauties over at my friend AnNicole’s place and they started the collection:

birds and nest

By “collection,” I mean those and my Dollar Tree birds I used on the dining table. That’s the extent of it.  ;)

You want to know another secret? I didn’t have a nest in this house until last month:


But now I’m kind of in love with them. Cauuteness! (Nests aren’t just for Easter, right? I’m a nest newbie.)

Confession number three – part of my spring decor involves faux flowers.

I know! OH the HORRORS!!! But I try to only use those that look real. Like somewhat, kinda, if you squint, “real”:

Years ago I picked up a wire vase I loved, but once I got it, I had no idea what to do with it. I ended up weaving ribbon through the wires, then put floral foam down inside, and filled in the rest around the flowers with moss:

faux flowersIt’s still one of my favorite spring/summer decor pieces!

Speaking of faux – I have used these on our front door for the past couple of years:

doorI love this stuff – it’s worse than faux…it’s foam. ;) I find it at Hob Lob and on sale I think they are about $2 each?:

253I love em! There are a TON of colors/varieties available. I used white for a pitcher on my DIY Ballard Design shelves:

faux flowersBut I do have the real stuff around here too – I found this precious green pitcher at HomeGoods ($20) and just love it!:

green pitcherI can’t remember what the name of the plant is, but it’s about the only flowering anything that isn’t poisonous to cats, so it was in my cart lickety split!:

199 (Yes, I just said lickety split.)

When I had the burlap out for the dining room table, I got a wild hair to use it one more spot:

burlap vases

These are actually candleholders we’ve had for years. I just used double stick tape to wrap it around each one, then added ribbon to the top and bottom to hide the raw edges:

223I LOVE them! These flowers are also from Trader Joe’s and I think it was $12 for all of them? I’ve had them for two weeks now!:

I got daffodils for the first time a couple weeks ago as well, and I just threw these out a few days ago – I couldn’t believe how long they lasted! Perfect in my jute vase:


They were CHEAP!! I believe $1.49 a bundle? I use a little trick to make the flowers a bit fuller – a few plastic shopping bags in the bottom give them just enough height.


I’ve promised myself a little splurge of fresh flowers around the house this year – so far I think I can get away with only spending $15 every couple of weeks:

SO worth it for the fresh scent and the feeling of spring!!

I hope you are having a great week! It’s spring break for us, so we are enjoying lots and lots of family time. LURVE.  :)


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