Friday, August 4, 2006

no pooper cat litter

well, i've never had a cat, being a dog person and all. but after viewing these great ideas from apartment therapy's pet decor contest, kitties are purring closer to heart. here's another entry that uses ikea furniture to cleverly hide the catbox.

dana's entry says: "since the bathroom is so tiny, the only place for the catbox was the kitchen - ugh. my solution is to be hyper-vigilant about changing it, and keeping it hidden with a fancy non-catbox-cover cover. the table is a little kids' play table from ikea (the gulliver); it fits the dimensions of the enclosed catbox perfectly. i topped it off with a window shade from cost plus, a plant, some candles, and of course, some cat-related art. the candles do double duty to make the place oh-so-romantic and enchanting and to hide any residual cat odors left over from my previously mentioned hyper-vigilant cleaning. i've had people over for dinner who didn't notice it until it was pointed out. the perfect crime!" we agree, dana.

other ikea pet decor hack:
> cat scratching pole cum cubby hole

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