Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chic Design Office

When Laurie Reynolds and I get big enough to open our own offices, we can look to interior designer David Lawrence and his new studio space for inspiration. The first design office I worked in was on the 4th floor of a brownstone and was such a mess that we were embarrassed when clients accidentally walked upstairs. The next was better but no where near as good as David's new office. If I were a client and walked in and saw it, I would hire him on the spot! It's beautifully thought out and decorated and is the perfect backdrop for David and his team.

I thought the console looked like a Vladimir Kagan design and it is. If you aren't familiar with his work, you should definitely take a look at his website. Kagan has been designing for over 60 years and has a gorgeous range of furniture.

David has excellent taste in furniture as witnessed by this T.H. Robsjohn Gibbins chest of drawers in the entry.

Who wouldn't want to hang out in this beautiful room while waiting for a design meeting to begin?! I have always loved the Poul Kjærholm chairs that are around the back table. New chairs are available from Frtiz Hansen but David's are vintage. I always tell everyone that if you ever see the vintage versions for sale anywhere that you should snap them up immediately! The new versions just don't compare to the patina of the old leather.

This desk is also by Poul Kjærholm. The flowering branches remind me that I need to head to the Flower District soon!

The draperies can hid the office from the showroom space.

I am so jealous of the design library in David's studio! I wish I had a wall that large for all my magazines and design books!

Even the work stations are chic! I love the framed architectural drawings and little topiary.

David's office has a wonderful wall of windows and a Snowball light fixture by Poul Henningsen.

David's office has a large inspiration wall which any designer would covet!

He also has a little corner library and beautiful art in his office. From what I can see in the photos, it looks like a serene and spacious place to work and I look forward to seeing it in person soon where I will definitely be taking notes for the future! Thanks for the inspiration David!


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