Monday, January 12, 2009

I Heart Grant K. Gibson!

I'm so glad I posted about Fabrice Diomand recently because it led Grant K. Gibson to contact to tell me that he had been to Fabrice's shop and it's been love at first email ever since! Grant is not only the sweetest designer I've ever met (well, via the internet) but also fabulously talented! He began his design career in New York and worked for a few top designers before moving to San Francisco and going out on his own in 2002. His big break came when he designed a "Gentleman's Retreat" in the 2004 San Francisco Designer Showhouse and he's been on a roll ever since!

I've enjoyed not only checking out his portfolio online but also his blog! It was originally created to share his travel escapades with friends and I'm so glad he kept up with it! His travel photos are top notch (some are posted below) and his adventures in Paris are enviable! I love the story of him running after Charlotte Moss! But the best part are is sneak peeks into the homes of Suzanne Reinstein, Michael Smith and Windsor Smith! I really wish Grant lived in NYC but since he doesn't, I will continue bonding with him over Gossip Girl and Diet Coke via email. But I hear he may be planning a visit soon so this story may be continued! Enjoy!


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