Thursday, January 1, 2009

Noir et Blanc

I spent part of this New Year's Day surfing the internet in search of interesting interiors and I'm so glad I did because I it led me to Fabrice Diomard. Most of the information about Fabrice is in French and has caused me to add "take a refresher French class" to my New Year's resolutions since I can only make out bits and pieces of the story. What I did manage to figure out is that Fabrice Diomard is an interior designer of Italian and Nordic descent and influence and owns a shop in Paris called L'Autre Maison. He works with the George V hotel and other clients and I think also designs furniture. I know his boutique is going to be my premier stop on my next trip to Paris.

His apartment featured here displays that wonderful European flair for mixing antiques and in this case ancient statues with modern furniture including plexiglass pieces. There is a wonderful video tour of the home on Interieurs and although it is in French, it is worth checking out. I also found a few other articles and a floor plan which might looks a little off but will still give you a sense of the space. Even though the color palette is mostly black and white, it's never dull due to the varying shades of color and patina.

I especially love how the apartment glows with warm candle light in the Interieurs video. The small dark and cozy bedroom would be good inspiration for many tiny New York City bedrooms. Oh, and if you didn't notice already, Fabrice is a bit of a hottie. Just another reason to check out his designs and shop!


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