Thursday, January 1, 2009

Taking Stock

I was reading over my list of resolutions and things I wanted to do in 2008 and although I didn't keep them all or make all of them happen, I think I had a pretty good year!

I never expected that my friend would actually ask me to decorate his bachelor pad or that I would be profiled by 1stdibs. I never thought that I would write for a magazine and am so grateful to Kansas City Home Design for giving me a chance and to Domino for asking me to write the story I pitched to them about the Next Generation and who included me as one of their favorite blogs in 2008. I am excited that a few other people took a chance and hired me to decorate their apartments which you will hear about soon!

I am also so happy about all the wonderful people whom I met and became friends with in 2008 from the team at Domino and Williams-Sonoma Home, Flair and Maison24, to my fabulous friend Kelly at Dorothy Draper/Carelton V and Eddie and Jaithan who inspire me everyday, Stefan of Architect Design who is so sweet, Emily of Scented Glossy Magazines who makes me laugh out loud, the lovely David Jimenez and especially my wonderfully supportive and encouraging readers! I value all of you who take the time to email me and leave comments as well as those who just stop by from time to time.

It really has been a good year but I just know that 2009 is going to be even better...for all of us! Happy New Year!


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