Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Bachelorette Pad: It's Coming Together

I spent most of yesterday and today at The Bachelorette Pad and we're definitely making progress. The bedroom is almost finished and is turning out to be my favorite room! The draperies have been hung and steamed and the headboard was attached so it's coming together. We just need to purchase the lamps for the bedside tables and finalize the art and then it will be done.

You can see better in this photo how the stripes of the draperies from Restoration Hardware pickup the colors of the rug from Pottery Barn. The Bachelorette said her friend thought the rug was custom and is excited that everyone does look custom even though so far, everything was purchased at retail stores or online. Some of the things that we have done would have been outrageously expensive if they had been custom so it is possible to get the look for less.

The Bachelorette has a very large family and I thought one of her nieces made the picture of the bunnies so I decided to hang it above the television. Not everything has to be serious when you decorate and The Bachelorette said that it makes her smile every time she looks at it, especially since she painted it when she was a child! So cute!

You can see in this before photo that the draperies really do make a difference and finish the design.

I just placed the embroidery that was made by her grandmother to see if it will work in the room. I will leave it up to The Bachelorette to decide if she would like it hung above the bed or in the living room. It would add some new colors to the room and I might think about adding a patterned boudoir pillow for a little more color. The lamps will also finish off the room.

I hung a few more pieces of artwork in the living room and sat her old mirror on top of the bookcase. Obviously, the wall is still unfinished. A reader suggested sconces which might be a good option or maybe there are some other artwork that could work on this wall. I also found some great fabric from Carelton V called Wykeham in Citrus (2800-14) that would make perfect throw pillows for the sofa.

I always joke that you need a degree in mathematics to hang artwork. Do you know why gallery walls of art are so popular? It's because you can hammer in a nail, hang up a painting and call it a day. No measuring is required for a gallery wall but you need to get out a pad of paper and pencil if you plan to hang art so it's evenly spaced and properly hung. (They look a little crooked here but it's because the photo is crooked. I need to invest in a tripod!) I think the middle two works might have to be moved up after depending on what lamp is chosen for the desk but for now they are staying put where they are. The desk also needs a few accessories so this area still needs a little work, as does the entry which is why there aren't any photos of it yet.

We are still discussing painting the kitchen in the darker color. The quote from the painter was a little high for such a small room so I offered to paint it myself but I'm not sure if that's such a great idea, especially if we decide to paint the ceiling. The kitchen is right off the entry and only has half walls to separate it so it might disappear more if it is dark. It's a tough call. It also needs a new light fixture which is on the list so don't worry. I wouldn't leave her with exposed light bulbs!

It's a nice feeling to see the place really coming together after so much planning and preparation. The Bachelorette is away until tomorrow on business and I know she is very excited to come home and see it. I would be excited to come home too if I had a bedroom that beautiful!


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