Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year, New Ideas

I didn't bother posting my New Year's resolutions this year since they pretty much the same as they were last year but I was thinking about the little things I want to do this year that will make each day special. I call it treating myself well and from reading other blogs, it seems that many people are going to make that a priority in the new year.

A few people, including An Aesthete's Lament and The Peak of Chic, would like to use more linen napkins. I actually already do this but I live alone and don't have to wash and iron napkins for an entire family so it's probably easier for me. I also wouldn't use them if I were eating something messy but I think they make a regular weekday meal special.

The same can be said with using your good china and flatware. Hollister Hovey would like to not only make more coffee at home but drink it in her nice china. I already use my china everyday but I thought it would be nice to make myself more tea and drink it out of the nice tea cups. You could even take out the nice crystal just for a glass of water. If you have nice things, why not use them everyday.

The new issue of House Beautiful is full of quick changes that make a big difference. In his editor letter, Stephen Drucker mentioned a woman who "upgraded" every wastebasket in her house. For some people that's not a priority but it made her feel good and she didn't spend that much money. For others, it might be a new coat of paint.

Since I will be working from home now, I have been finishing up all my little projects, touching up the paint and replaced my old duvet and towels. I've also made a vow to brighten up my space with fresh flowers every week. In the dead of winter, I can smell hyacinths and dream of spring.

I don't think as many people are going to be completely redecorating their homes this year but there are certainly a lot of little things you can do to make a change or treat yourself special. Anyone have any other suggestions?

Photo from Veere Grenney's London Apartment


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