Tuesday, January 20, 2009

First Fashion

If you watched the coverage of the Inauguration today, you will have noticed the First Lady's beautiful yellow ensemble that was designed by fashion designer Isabel Toledo. Those of us who follow fashion and live in New York are well aware of Ms. Toledo and her artist husband Ruben, both of whom are of Cuban decent. They are a lovely couple and their artist talents seem to very much complement each other. There was a fascinating look inside their loft which serves as both a work space and home in New York magazine in 2006 by Wendy Goodman with photos by David Allee some of which are seen here.

Ruben works in his studio surrounded by hand-me-down easels and mannequins under a skylight that affords them views of the Empire State Building.

The space is of course decorated with artwork from Ruben and includes a mannequin he designed for Ralph Pucci and later painted. The iron railing is original.

The dining table, chairs and console were a gift from the late illustrator Antonio Lopez. The slipcovers were designed by Isabel.

The window was added to the bedroom and the screens were "originally designed by Ruben for the Toledos’ friend Anneliese Estrada, and retrieved when she moved." While the streets interestingly enough came from the Watergate Hotel in Washington a funny coincidence.

It's clear the Isabel Toledo will be just the first of many wonderful designers that will be called into service in the coming years and I look forward to seeing what they create and maybe getting a peek into their homes as well!


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